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My research and my background as an Audit Senior Manager in a Public Accounting firm are uniquely linked.  My 16 years of experience in the tireless pursuit of audit evidence, my professional skepticism of that evidence, and my attention to details have uniquely prepared me for my research of the Powells.

The Link Between My Research and Career

Alison Herring



The Powells record a complete account of daily life and events at each location where they lived and of the people they encountered. I am reuniting these histories with the sites that survive today and the people who live and work there.


My research includes transcribing the Powell Family Papers, researching the people they knew, the places where they lived, the places where they fled during the war, the events they witnessed, and civilian life.


I will publish the tale of the Powell family and their adventures throughout the 19th century. While this site includes small windows into my research and my process, the publication will be a complete account.

Purpose of this Adventure
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