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Timeline and Geography of the Powells

The Powells moved several times in the 19th century, and their locations can be challenging to keep up with. The intention of this page is to help those who collaborate with me with the timeline and geography.

Loudoun County.png
1813 - 1835
Loudoun County, VA
Edward Street, Henry, Illinois by Grant Wright, courtesy of the Henry Public Library
1852 - 1855 
Henry, IL
Louisville KY.png
1836 - 1837
Louisville, KY
Yardley-Taylor Map of Leesburg, Courtesy of the Library of Congress
1838 - 1851
Leesburg & Loudoun County, VA
Jackson's Army courtesy of the Virginia Museum of History & Culture
1856 - 1862 Winchester
1862 - 1865
Throughout Virginia
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