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A Collection of 19th Century Women's Papers


I am researching the Powell Family Papers held at Swem Library at William & Mary.  This is a collection of women's papers from an unconventional family in the 19th century.  This site provides an overview of that research, my background, contact information, and links to online speaking engagements. This endeavor began when I volunteered in an online Civil War transcription project.  I initially focused on the letters of Harriet Lee Powell, who had a captivating tale during the Civil War. My focus grew to include her sisters, brothers, parents, and extended family. Hattie Powell, her sisters, and her parents were educators of young women, but the chaos of the Civil War sent them fleeing to live separate lives as refugee teachers until the war ended. Their separation produced a large archive of letters detailing their experience in a dozen locations across the state. I have traveled throughout Virginia to find these locations and reunite this history with the people who live and work there today.

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